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The Fixer: The Naked Man (Katerina Mills, Book #1)

Meet Katerina Mills, The Fixer. She'll solve any problem. For a price.

The Fixer: The Killing Kind (Katerina Mills, Book #2)

Kat's back and she's up to her neck and in over her head with cops, crooks . . . and killers.

The Fixer: The Last Romanov (Katerina Mills, Book #3)

Katerina Mills is back for her toughest assignment yet. Can she get the job done and get out alive?

For Better or Worse

Emily, Elizabeth, and Karen are as different as three women can be, but that hasn’t stopped them from forging an unbreakable bond. Newlywed Emily, now half of a New York City power couple, would love nothing more than to see her friends settled down with soul mates of their own. But Elizabeth still carries the sting of a past heartbreak, while Karen fears she’s destined to repeat her parents’ disastrous marriage. Yet even as Emily plays matchmaker, she must ultimately confront a secret truth about her own marriage...one that threatens the future she thought was secure. When she does, all three friends will discover that life’s paths may turn out to be longer, and harder, than expected, but the twists and turns lead us where we’re meant to be...

Project Jennifer

If you had a different name, would you have a different life?