Jill Amy Rosenblatt

Project Jennifer


Joan Benjamin, a plain and uptight secretary on Long Island, New York, is suffering an identity crisis brought on by a very bad week. Her ex-fiancé just married someone else; she's lost her cushy overpaid job; and she's been kicked out of her apartment. All because of women named Jennifer! So when Joan learns that her parents almost named her Jennifer, she decides to transform herself into the Jennifer she might have been...


Armed with all the pop psychology she can get her hands on—and with the help of a dear friend who can recite Cosmo-style stats by heart—Joan sets out to cultivate her inner Jennifer: a sexy, successful belle-of-the-ball who's completely in charge of her professional and private lives.


But “Project Jennifer” is not a rousing success right out of the gate—apparently, even Jennifers can have bad dates and wardrobe malfunctions—but soon Joan begins to feel transformed by her new self. In fact, her Jennifer persona might end up teaching her a few unexpected lessons about life: like how to say “yes” to things you want and “no” to things you don't, and that just being yourself is enough. Even if that self is named Joan...

Praise for Project Jennifer

"PROJECT JENNIFER is hilarious, yet has a poignant, heart-tugging story at its core. Ms. Rosenblatt does an excellent job penning a novel that every female can relate to easily. I recommend this book to every woman! It is a feel good read that touches heartstrings." RomanceJunkies.com

"A comical, light hearted book with some serious moments...PROJECT JENNIFER is an excellent read, a fascinating story that will keep readers turning the pages. Don’t miss this one!" Romance Reviews Today

"Rosenblatt's debut novel is a breath of fresh air, and a hilarious, fast read." Book Chic

"Once I started turning the pages, it was hard to put down." Coffee Time Romance

"This is an engaging chick lit tale with a deep message of “to thine own self be true”, which fascinatingly mirrors the tale..." Genre Go Round Reviews

"Project Jennifer combines funny and bittersweet in equal doses. Project Jennifer was a hoot to read, and kudos to Ms. Rosenblatt for a great first novel." The Good, The Bad, and the Unread

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