Jill Amy Rosenblatt

The Secret Life of Judy Rooney

"The Secret Life of Judy Rooney" e-books are available for a 3-pack purchase for $1.99.

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Is She Thinking What You're Thinking?

Meet Judy Rooney. She's not sure where she's going or how she's going to get there but she's on the move. Even if it's only in her mind.

Are You Thinking What She's Thinking?

What do you do when you've just turned 40 and you're not feeling fabulous? Whether she's in the "Whirlpool of Contemplation" or trying to get some sleep in the "Bedroom of Broken Dreams," Judy is trying to figure things out - with the help of friends both real and imaginary...

Selected Works

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Meet Katerina Mills, The Fixer. She'll solve any problem. For a price.
Kat's back and she's up to her neck and in over her head with cops, crooks . . . and killers.
Between old friends and new loves lies a world of possibilities...
If you had a different name, would you have a different life?